Academic Staff

Olukemi K. AMODU BSc, MSc, PhD is a Senior Research Fellow and currently the Acting Director of the Institute of Child Health, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.  I have a PhD in Molecular Biology/Genetics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, I obtained my Bachelor and Master degrees from the same University. I did my postdoctoral training and research fellowship (2003-2005) in the laboratory of Professor Daniel Hartl, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts, USA. I am highly skilled in Molecular Biology/Genetics with specific interest in the study of Infectious diseases (host and parasite genetic variability in malaria pathogenesis), and Non-Communicable diseases.

I obtained my BSc, MSc and PhD from the University of Ibadan. However, I had to acquire quite a lot of skills, many of which I did not have the opportunity to learn here in Nigeria. I was a visiting PhD student to the Medical Research Council, South Africa while doing my PhD, and did my Postdoctoral training at the Harvard University. From experience, there is a lot to gain by developing internationally recognized and accredited courses in Nigeria, firstly because of great number of intelligent students and also because of the potentials we have here in Nigeria of producing worldwide leading Scientists. One of my goals is to establish a Centre of technological innovation and excellence in the development and application of Molecular Sciences in diseases at the University of Ibadan.

I have the relevant training, leadership and motivation necessary to successfully carry this through. I have a background in Molecular Biology/Genetics. My postdoctoral training at the Harvard University was focused on the population genetics of the malaria parasite. .  I have collaborated with experts in Nigeria, and in International laboratories in malaria research, including the Malaria Genetic Epidemiology Network (MalariaGEN) and the EU-funded Network, Biology of the Malaria Parasite (Biomalpar). I am currently a Network Partner and Institutional principal Investigator on the European Union funded Network of Excellence, the European Virtual Institute of Malaria (EvimalaR).  I have, since my employment at the University of Ibadan, worked and deployed all efforts to establish a Genetics/Immunology laboratory from the scratch at the Institute of Child Health. As PI /Co-Investigator on

(i) WHO/MIM and (ii) EU-funded grants, I laid the foundation for developing a Genomics research laboratory at the Institute of Child Health. It has been a great challenge but I think that what will be really fulfilling is training experts in this field of study.  This will also achieve our set goals and mission at the Institute of Child Health, University of Ibadan.