Academic Staff

Adebolajo A. ADEYEMO MBBS, MSc, FWACS is the head of Ear and Hearing Disorder Research Group at the ICH. My research interests centers on “Deafness within the African milieu”; this is a deliberate attempt to situate Deafness and Hearing Disorders research in the context of the African child.

The focus on Deafness stems from the uneven burden of hearing impairment shouldered by children in Sub Saharan Africa. Deafness is the commonest disability in the world with a severe footprint on the African continent. Following my medical training at the University of Ibadan and a postgraduate training in Otolaryngology at the University College Hospital, Ibadan; I was drawn to research in Ear and Hearing related lesions. This stemmed initially from the huge clinical load of patients with these lesions. I became interested in exploring the fundamentals of hearing lesions among children after realizing the great deficiency in local data that exists in this area.

 Utilizing a tripod research approach of clinical management, laboratory, and community research the Ear and Hearing Disorder Research Group adopted a holistic approach to research on Deafness. It is expected that this will enable a rapid bench to bedside translation and community acceptance of research outputs with the goal of bringing a rapid succor to the African child by mitigating the additional burden of hearing impairment.