Whilst the majority of disease conditions plaguing the Nigerian child are still the preventable ones that have been the traditional domain of research studies and interventions of the Institute of Child Health, there are now available a whole plethora of genetic molecular and sophisticated tools and techniques that would better position researchers to understanding why these conditions have somehow become recalcitrant to interventions to the point where donors are developing fatigue in developing countries.

Within the Institute, the CHD unit that would be involved with the policy implications of findings and studies and efforts would be made to carry along Policy makers in the execution of our studies for acceptability and ownership thereby creating a forum for nation-wide application.

The Child Health and Development Unit would continue to spearhead the current and emerging academic degrees in child health and development.

We will diligently and consistently pursue with respect to child health along lines and expertise include:

  1. Developmental Biology and Childhood Cancer
  2. Infection, Immunity, Inflammation and Physiological Medicine
  3. Chronic Diseases (the determinants of chronic diseases followed from childhood)
  4. Metabolic and Genetic Diseases
  5. Perinatal Health