About Us


Vision: To be a world-class centre of excellence in research and renowned Institute of Child and Adolescent Health

The Institute has experienced personnel and is also well positioned within the Institution for collaborations with International Centres with state-of-the-art tools and experts. Our main goal is to build capacity in the areas of bioethics, community-based research, molecular genetics and the interface between research, policy and public health. This will be accomplished through a mix of research, training, collaboration and improving infrastructural support for research.

It is expected that the institution would be an important regional Centre for research and training in these areas, a core of well-trained scientists would have been developed and the collaborations built would be in a position to work on larger-scale projects together.


To provide an enabling environment for scholarship, research and expertise.


  1. Provide both short- and long-term individual training at the diploma, masters and doctoral levels
  2. Improve the facilities and infrastructure to support research in infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases in the institution
  3. Enhance existing and build new collaborations with both International Partners to support research and training objectives.
  4. To promote high quality research
  5. To promote and enhance multidisciplinary teamwork and collaboration as well as expert contributions
  6. Integrate students and staff trained into the Institute as Associate Research Fellows and full Research Fellows as we grow and develop

Our Goals, Expertise And Prospects Into Cutting-Edge Research

Judging by her antecedents, the Institute has the potentials to build new collaborations (enhance existing collaborations and develop new collaborations (such as it is being proposed here) in specified focus areas, to develop new training programs that will address the needs of the College of Medicine as well as serving as state and national resources and develop new processes [such as the creation of new faculties, new programs, new facilities] in the College. The Institute is already involved in team building capacity, to conduct high-technology research in prevalent problems in developing countries, particularly in Nigeria, by training and exchange programs to transfer technology.

Our overarching goals are to develop an excellence in leadership, training and science initiative based on actively identifying interested and talented candidates who would undergo scientific research training in clinical and translational research, with mentoring up to the doctoral/postdoctoral level by experienced researchers in Nigeria and in collaboration with Northern Partners.

Advanced molecular genetics and genomic capabilities are lacking in Nigeria. There is paucity of expertise critical for diagnostic work or population-based genetic studies in the local population. Therefore, there is a need for the development of human capacity and expertise these areas in Nigeria. We will focus on Genomics and Molecular Sciences to support and develop translational clinical research.